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Thus the old phrase, "the Widow's Son," was applied by them to James II, who was the son of Henrietta Maria, the widow of Charles I. The Degree of Mark Master was conferred as a separate Degree in the same way as the Royal Arch, and was expressly cut off by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, about 1800, in the same way that the Royal Arch and the Temple were cut off., 18th Century, 12" overall, 2.75" wrist rings, single bar with large flanged end, one large link attached to the bar.Mac is a constituent part of the word macbenac, which is the substitute Master's Word in the French Rite, and which is interpreted by the French ritualists as meaning "he lives in the son." But such a derivation can find no support in any known Hebrew root. Doctor Mackey believed there is evidence, circumstantial at least, to show that the word was, if not an invention of the Sentient or Dermott Freemasons, at least adopted by them in distinction from the one used by the Moderns, which latter is the word now in use in the United States of America. In Freemason, 1886, in West Yorkshire Masonic Reprints, 1892. In a letter to the Masonic Home Journal, Louisville, Kentucky (see Proceedings, Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, Michigan, 1920), Companion Alfred A. Murray offers the following note to correct an error relating to the Mark Degree in Scotland As regards the Mark Degree itself it was not worked in the Fellow Craft Lodges, but there were really two Degrees, namely, that of Mark Man, which was given to a Fellow Craft, and that of Mark Master, which was given to a Master Mason.

One of the roommates performed CPR and Mann was taken to the hospital, where she later died. A Cincinnati man was arrested and charged with murder in connection with the "suspicious" death of 58-year-old woman in Fairfield, according to police.

These were traded in the late 19th Century for produce, livestock, and lsaves while the domestic slave trade still existed.

9" iron twisted 'pennies' were traded in bundles with a slave costing 300 pennies, light oxidation..................................., 18th - Early 19th Century, 10" iron spear points found in West Africa with the early wrap around socket very similar to American points used during the Revolutionary War but much cruder in construction.........................., The name manilla is said to derive from the Spanish for a 'bracelet' manella, the Portuguese for 'hand-ring' manilha, or after the Latin manus (hand) or from monilia, plural of monile (necklace). Calabar was the chief city of the ancient southeast Nigerian coastal kingdom of that name. Including all future issuances and increases of the Female. Printed on gray paper, minor fold repairs/corner, firm paper and strong manuscript........................................, Carte de Visite by Perkins & Pelots of Augusta, GA.

A Lynchburg woman who reported two men shot on Tenbury Drive last November has pleaded guilty to drug charges filed after police said they found cocaine worth ,000 in street value in her bedroom during the shooting investigation. SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Mexican government officials said Wednesday they were working to reunite families with some of the survivors of a failed human smuggling operation and had been assured by U. immigration officials that they would not question relatives about their legal status in the Unit… Debbie Wasserman Schultz has fired an information technology staffer following his arrest on a bank fraud charge at a Virginia airport where he was attempting to fly to Pakistan. (AP) — Officers fatally shot a man who was making threats as he walked around Virginia's capital city with an ax and a long knife, wearing nothing but a kilt and combat-style boots, police and witnesses said. (AP) — Law enforcement launched tear gas canisters into an auto body shop and used a Taser to safely take a gunman into custody Tuesday, more than three hours after he shot an employee and barricaded himself inside.

Information presented below is provided as a service to Virginia Commonwealth's Attorney's offices.

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