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Napsal pro nás článek o tom, jaké jsou důvody toho, že evoluční teorie je dnes základem většiny biologických vědeckých disciplín a staví na ní vědci snad všech přírodovědných oborů.

Nakonec i Jan Pavel II., jako nepochybná křesťanská autorita, napsal: …

In fact, moving to a metropolis like New York City has exposed me to a chub-positive dating life I didn’t know was possible.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t hit–and still continue to hit–roadblocks along the way.

‘There was a lot of mocking, and basically making her feel lesser of a person because of her size,’ Li told . But despite our demanding request, you need not to worry... We know it's tiring especially to a young one like you, who suppose to be getting more and more sleep because you're still growing. I would love to see you, yeo jin goo and park bo gum together in a high school drama....God give you a long life your fan from Africa You were absolutely brilliant in the Moonlight Drawn by Clouds! I've been watching you since Iljimae and thru the years have followed you growing up like you're my own younger sister I'm proud of. I hope you're happy you won the acting award on top of the best couple award with Bogummy. Am a yeoyoo shipper u really look great with yeo jin goo but i like boyoo too ... You represent your generation with such maturity and grace beyond your years.

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