Leo male and dating women

A Leo-sun man will always be more about authority, grandeur, attention-seeking tendencies and would ALWAYS want to have his own word, whether he is right or not.Whereas a Scorpio-sun woman will never value show-off and frivolity and always look for the real stuff without the fluff, which Leo-sun men are not so much about.However his impatience help him do so many things and reach so many goals that others can only dream of.He`s extremely stubborn and that`s why is always right.

The Leo is a fire sign and ruled by the Sun to boot, which makes them ardent, passionate lovers who may not be as emotional as water signs but nevertheless are capable of a deep connection with their partners.

He yelps internally like a kitten when his pride’s hurt, yet comes back every time for that challenge and retaliation. So, as the game goes on, this is short term thrill which soon turns bitter.

As for compatibility, as per the experience and study, this is not one of the best matches as both of them have very different set of values and come from entirely different places.

A Leo man would ALWAYS want to lead, which is okay with the Scorpio woman, but mind that she is not the one to not shy off to take things in her own hands and lead, if she finds that he is not being a just and good leader, and so she might rightly snatch the reigns, which would aggravate the big-ugly-Leo sun ego, which in itself would not be a good sight.

Not that their people -pleasing and crowd gathering tendencies are all bad, but to a truth seeking, intense and private Scorpio sun woman, this all Leo-sun grandeur is vain and may not hold much value for long.

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