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When Leo tells Abby she doesn't have to worry because The fictional Press Secretary says the media has long had double standards for women in the Capitol: reporters write stories about how she looks and who she is dating just as much as they write about her accomplishments. They can't fathom the concept that my life doesn't revolve around you.

Read a transcript of the monologue below: What happens to you happens to me.

Following last week’s revelation that Abby is the OPA mole, fans all but condemned her as a villain — only to discover that her strings are being pulled by a bigger, badder, more pony-tailed puppet master.

As we learned Thursday night, the Shadowy Organization™ approached Abby during the election about her own political aspirations (#Whelan2020!

(Leo's ultimate reward becomes a very unexpected smooch with Abby, who is beyond charmed by his chivalry.) And that's when things get interesting.

There's also a shirtless Tom Larsen (Brian Letscher), for some reason. Then he puts on a suit and starts threatening people, a man named Wayne (Braden Lynch) in a diner. Papa Pope is back to book critic — add that line to the resume, along with murderer and museum curator — this time with dinner and wine. So Tom sneaks in and shoots Vargas, who survives and overtakes Diner Wayne, wrestling the gun away from him and saving the day. Then Future President Francisco Vargas gets to walk outside shirtless with cameras from every network in the country focused on his bulging muscles. ” • “It smells like hairspray, apple pie and fresh manure! On last night's episode of , White House Press Secretary Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield) contemplated resigning from her post when another woman, played by Lena Dunham, threatened to write a tell-all about the sex lives of several men in D. They have a running joke that I'm on a hunger strike until I can be liberated by the democrats. Every article that comes out about me has your name somewhere in it because apparently there's this rule: In order to mention my name, they also have to report to the world that there's a man who wants me. C., including Abby's boyfriend, political consultant Leo Bergen (Paul Adelstein). My work, my accomplishments, my awards—I stand at the most powerful podium in the world, but a story about me ain't a story unless they can report on the fact that I am girlfriend of D. fixer Leo Bergen, like it validates me, gives me an identity, a definition. Tell me, when they write articles about you, Leo, how often do they mention me? ), offering access to a 0 million fund to advance her position.Of course, things took a pretty dark turn when the Shadowy Organization™ started making demands of Abby, including swapping out the bullets from Frankie Vargas’ corpse with three fakes provided by Meg. ) We also know now why Abby was so determined to keep Fitz and David from sending Cyrus to the electric chair — and why she remains determined to free him from captivity. The producers and writers have been great about giving us the tools we need, and I personally love the way they’re playing with time.

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“I was relieved in that it makes sense for the character and the arc,” Stanchfield tells TVLine of Abby being the mole. They get under Abby seemed surprised when she was told how powerful she is. It’s kind of like when someone says, “You don’t know how beautiful you are right now,” and it’s not for another 20 years that you realize how beautiful you were in that moment. Fitz tells her, “You have every option in the world after I’m done with my presidency,” but she doesn’t trust that. Or maybe she’s just seduced by that large, shiny object that says, “You can have instant power! ” [ Do you think “President Abby Whelan” is really a possibility? They keep going back to this one night, this key moment in time, and drilling down on different characters’ points of view.

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