Nigerian culture and dating

I have been dating my boyfriend since high school, and I love him and would like to marry him one, but I have some apprehensions about it.

We are both college educated and I am currently a medical student.

Pidgin English is a simplified form of the language, for instance "How you dey" means "How are you".

Since the 1990s the Nigerian movie industry, sometimes called "Nollywood" has emerged as a fast-growing cultural force all over Africa.

Other Fulani continue to depend on their livestock and have retained their own language, Fulfulde, and cultural autonomy.

My boyfriend comes from a two parent home n which both of his parents are college educated and still together (rare in this day and age) I constantly find myself wondering what the future holds for us.

My boyfriend doesn't know very much about the Nigerian culture and to tell the truth I only know as much as I have been taught by my parents.

Because of the movies western influences, including music, dress and movies are be found all across Nigeria, even in the Islamic and highly conservative north of the country.

Supporters of English football clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea often segregate beyond the traditional tribal and even religious divide to share their common cause in Premier League teams.

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